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Nepal – 3 – Rebuilding & More Quakes

After coming back from the Thuli Bheri, we joined up with Daz Clarkson-King and his relief efforts that have been amazingly generously funded by donations from all over the place. We ended up on a trip out to a village where he’d received news that it had been ruined and was in need of supplies, […]

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Nepal – 2 -Thuli Bheri

Getting on a little plane, and squeezing our kayaks in too we flew into Masinechaur ¬†airstrip and started on the trek to the top of the Thuli Bheri river in the stunning Dolpo region of Nepal. It took us 2 days hike to get to the town of Dunai, where we rested up to prepare […]

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Nepal – 1 – Tragedy To Start

  Arriving into Kathmandu on a Friday night Rory and I sorted out a place to stay and met up with Jonny Hawkins and George Fell for a steak and beer to sort out some plans. In the morning we were doing some shopping prep in the Thamel area for a multi day when a […]

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