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Review – Immersion Research Arch Rival Dry Trousers

I bought a set of these trousers to take to Nepal, as a drysuit would probably be overkill for our plans. I went for getting custom fabric socks put on as well, as if I’m wearing dry trousers I want dry feet too. The Arch Rival fabric has been good to me so far, having […]

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Review – Immersion Research Arch Rival Dry Top

As well as the Arch Rival drysuit, I also got a dry top for warmer climates. I was expecting similar good performance to the drysuit, and so far I have been just as impressed with it. The top is super simple, no pockets or extra features, just dry fabric and places to stick your arms […]

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Review – Immersion Research K2 Thermals

I have been using an IR K2 onesie thermal for a while now, after having the IR Union Suit before. The powerstretch material is super light, wearing it is much nicer than the union suit, and I never thought I noticed wearing the thicker suit before, but changing to the K2 suit just felt nicer […]

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Palm Torrent Drysuit (2014)

I bought a Torrent suit to take to Norway, as I’d recently sold my Typhoon drysuit as it was getting a bit old. Turns out that was a big mistake. First impressions were good, the fit was very nice, there were some nice features such as the elasticated waist, and good Velcro on the seals. […]

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Immersion Research Arch Rival Drysuit

I bought myself an IR Arch Rival drysuit (OX fabric) for a trip to South America, and it got some pretty heavy use over the 6 months I was there as it’s not always as warm as it looks! It’s had some long multi-days and endless hikes through forests full of spikes, been in strong sunlight […]

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Immersion Research Royale Spray Deck

I use a lot of IR kit, but only because I find it to have the best bang for your buck. I pay my own money for everything, and use my kit hard and pretty much every day, so I try and get stuff that works and lasts, as I’m not a rich man but […]

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Peak UK 2014 River Guide PFD

I bought this PFD to replace my Palm Extrem, as I was looking for something with a bit better fit and a lower profile, whilst still being able to carry all my stuff. I was willing to give it a try as I was getting a bit annoyed with the front pocket on the Palm […]

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