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The New Chhattisgarh Guidebook

We have just put out a mini-guidebook for the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, which can be found here:   http://lufbra.biz/gazz/The%20Chhattisgarh%20Whitewater%20Guidebook%20.pdf   It’s a fascinating state, with some good rivers for exploring, and still many more to check out! Eastern India is full of classic rivers just waiting to be found.  

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India – Chhattisgarh

In mid 2015, Callum Strong, Rory Woods, Phil Mitchell and I decided to head to the Indian state of Chhattisgarh to see what whitewater we could find. The previous year, Callum and the All India Kayak Expedition had spent some time paddling in the neighbouring states, and it looked like there might be some good rivers here […]

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India – Kerala

After finishing up on the Zanskar with plenty of time to spare, we started the long trek south to Kerala, the spice garden of India. To save some pennies we decided to take the 3 day train from Delhi, and assumed that getting the kayaks on as luggage would be potentially difficult but people have […]

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India – Tsarap Chu & Zanskar

We had already decided that we didn’t have enough time to do the Tsarap Chu & Zanskar before our leisurely time on the Chandra and Chenab rivers, so when we arrived in Keylong on our way back we had a quick look at the calendar and decided that if we got on the bus towards Leh […]

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India – Himchal Pradesh

After a few weeks in Uttarakhand, Rory and I decided to head to Himchal Pradesh to try and catch some good water levels and some new rivers. After yet more uncomfortable overnight bus rides being vomited on, we arrived in the tourist town of Manali at peak holiday season for the Indians. Travelling with a […]

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India – Uttarakhand

After a month in Nepal helping out after the earthquake, our visas were running out and we thought it time to head to India before the monsoon took hold. The quake had made huge fissures in a lot of mountain sides, and a lot of landslides looked imminent, with a huge one falling and blocking […]

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