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18 – O’Higgins Adventures

We carried on further south to arrive at the end of the road in O’higgins, which was full of big new 4x4s from various groups loaded up from diving from wherever, and us in an overloaded 1992 Subaru asking what the fuss was. We spent the day hiking up the Rio Mosco for a look, […]

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India – Kerala

After finishing up on the Zanskar with plenty of time to spare, we started the long trek south to Kerala, the spice garden of India. To save some pennies we decided to take the 3 day train from Delhi, and assumed that getting the kayaks on as luggage would be potentially difficult but people have […]

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17 – Down To The Bravo

Leaving the Baker valley, we drove further south to see what we could find. Stopping at the Rio Barrancos to have a look after it was recommended by Marianne, it looked very brown and high, and in a very committing gorge, so we gave that one a miss.   Further down was the Rio Bravo, […]

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16 – Rio Baker

We put on in town to have a warm-up down the rafting section, and carried on down to Salto Baker and down the 1st canyon with the sun coming out for eventually a beautiful day. It was by far the biggest thing that we’d ever paddled, just moving around in between rapids was hard work […]

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15 – Down To Deepest Patagonia

Tapio took his own way down south from Futa, going exploring without a kayak, and Brit Sandra Hyslop filled the spare seat for some Southern Chile exploring. Driving south through Argentina was a stark contrast to Chile, arid desert surrounding us for hundreds of miles, wild flamingos and ostriches, and even some tarmac roads!   […]

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14 – Back To Futa

After swapping out a Dane and a Finn for a Norwegian and another Finn, Sebastian and Tapio. We headed back down to the Fuy for some more laps of the whole river, a good introduction to Chile. The plan was to head back down to the Futa, and the head south from there, so we […]

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13 – Middle Fuy

After the Golgol, we heard that the Serrasolses brothers had recently paddled the middle Fuy, and said it was super scary, but good to go, so we had a go.   A great run down, some big holes and moves, and a big volume 50 foot waterfall. Rory went first to get some photos from […]

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