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3 – Buskerud

After a couple of days at the Numedal we decided to head out in search of some Statiols to get our free hot chocolate fix that we’d been missing for a few weeks.   On the way to the next hot chocolate we drive past the Hemsil in Gol, so decided that we should probably […]

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2 – On To Numedal

By now the full summer weather had started, hot sun, blue skies, and cruising around in the Galaxy with no A/C. We arrived at the Numedalslågen, with it running nice and high, putting on at the top and blasting down was an experience. I’d never been on the Numedal before, and crashing through everything was […]

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1 – Welcome to Telemark!

After deciding on a whole summer in Norway Rory and I loaded up my trusty Galaxy with some food and booze and set out on the long trip. Without much trouble we were soon in Norway heading to our first stop, Telemark. A good meal in the sun using the fresh food and some good […]

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Starting a blog

So I’ve started a blog as a way of showing some people what I’ve been up to, something that I probably should have started quite a while ago. I’ve set the blog to update every Monday with another chapter from my travels so far, starting with my summer in Norway, and onto Chile.  

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