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Silly epics, and some lessons learnt: Rio Claro

Rio Claro – Chile. A small group of us arrived at the Claro early in the season, and I had paddled the rio Claro a few years previously, so was happy with going in again as the only person in the group to have been before. It was early in the season for the 22 […]

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21 – Figueroa & Back Home

The Figueroa is a 70km river down yet another beautiful valley, and meant to be a nice easyish paddle. After some pleasant grade III, there was a nice IV section with some fun moves and one very stick hole that gave Sandra quite a beating. We thought that there was a final gorge with some […]

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20 – Exploradores & Cisnes

Turning off the ‘main’ road onto an even worse one, we headed up towards the glacier Exploradores to see what the river coming off it was like, as the road had been previously blocked by landslides when previous groups had attempted the trip.   The river Exploradores flows directly from the ice-lake of the glaicer, […]

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19 – More Baker & The Marble Cathedral

Another lap down the Bravo was a treat, knowing all the lines it was a fun fast blast, and a bit higher than the first time we paddled it a few weeks prior.   Some more driving around and we ended up with another puncture. The roads in Southern Chile are really not very good, […]

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18 – O’Higgins Adventures

We carried on further south to arrive at the end of the road in O’higgins, which was full of big new 4x4s from various groups loaded up from diving from wherever, and us in an overloaded 1992 Subaru asking what the fuss was. We spent the day hiking up the Rio Mosco for a look, […]

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17 – Down To The Bravo

Leaving the Baker valley, we drove further south to see what we could find. Stopping at the Rio Barrancos to have a look after it was recommended by Marianne, it looked very brown and high, and in a very committing gorge, so we gave that one a miss.   Further down was the Rio Bravo, […]

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16 – Rio Baker

We put on in town to have a warm-up down the rafting section, and carried on down to Salto Baker and down the 1st canyon with the sun coming out for eventually a beautiful day. It was by far the biggest thing that we’d ever paddled, just moving around in between rapids was hard work […]

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