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15 – Down To Deepest Patagonia

Tapio took his own way down south from Futa, going exploring without a kayak, and Brit Sandra Hyslop filled the spare seat for some Southern Chile exploring. Driving south through Argentina was a stark contrast to Chile, arid desert surrounding us for hundreds of miles, wild flamingos and ostriches, and even some tarmac roads!   […]

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14 – Back To Futa

After swapping out a Dane and a Finn for a Norwegian and another Finn, Sebastian and Tapio. We headed back down to the Fuy for some more laps of the whole river, a good introduction to Chile. The plan was to head back down to the Futa, and the head south from there, so we […]

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13 – Middle Fuy

After the Golgol, we heard that the Serrasolses brothers had recently paddled the middle Fuy, and said it was super scary, but good to go, so we had a go.   A great run down, some big holes and moves, and a big volume 50 foot waterfall. Rory went first to get some photos from […]

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12 – Futa For Xmas

Back into Chile at Futaleufu, we decided that on our first day there we might as well paddle the whole river. It had good flows, and we had a great blast all the way down to the bottom. Once done, we were 40km away from the car so got hitching. Although the traffic was quite […]

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11 – Argentina, Rio Blanco & Manso

Driving into Argentina, all the paperwork for the car was in order which was nice to know as there’s police stops everywhere in Argentina. Although it turns out if you have kayaks on the roof, wind down the window and look as gringo as possible waving at the police they seem to leave you alone. […]

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10 – Fuy & Golgol

Jesper and Henke were leaving just after new years, so we started to head down south to make it to the Futaleufu for Christmas, and then back up in time for the guys to head home.   On the way south we stopped first at the Fuy again, still too high for the middle section, […]

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9 – Hueinahue & Palguin Festival

Some more driving around, and everything was super low, so we decided to go check out the low water section of the Rio Hueinahue. The river was short, but was a good one to do with the low water levels, fun boulder-strewn rapids with some narrow slots and tight lines, and some harder bits too […]

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