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8 – Rio Negro & Nilahue

After recovering and driving through another day of rain, we arrived at the Rio Negro in glorious sunshine, put on and blasted down a fantastic river with drops, rapids and beautiful scenery. The next valley over also had another fun river, the Rio Blanco, a short hike in and a big volume blast down in […]

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7 – Cochamo

Loading up we drove south towards the Rio Cochamo, hoping that as it was still November the water level would be good, as all the stories of people going in with low water later in the season sounded like hard work, and high water sounded a little scary.   Arriving at the bottom, we set […]

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6 – Back To Pucon

After managing to drag ourselves away from the fun and sun of the Claro, we drove back down south, via a few more rivers back down to Pucon for a few nights out, and on to the Puesco in time for the new Puesco Fest. We didn’t really take any photos around this time, but […]

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5 – Rio Claro Adventures

We were some of the first kayakers up at the Claro this season, so we decided to start from the top and hiked up to the upper section, the 22 teacups. Well, we ended up a bit higher up as I couldn’t quite remember how far to go (which I thought was a reasonable mistake […]

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4 – Rio Lajajaja

The Laja is a super fun river for your first time down, nothing too hard but it just keeps coming and coming at you. One tight bit around an island with some very awkwardly placed trees, but I still managed to remember that bit from doing it 3 years previously, which I think the other […]

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3 – Fuy & Heading North

All the rain meant that some of the rivers were at super fun levels, we went down to the Fuy to see what it was like. Putting on the upper section it was a big volume rollercoaster, huge waves trains, big holes and a few class surf waves! The waterfalls were looking rather daunting, with […]

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2 – Pucon

After finally getting mobile with a fully tricked out car, complete with siren, we were able to head off and get on all the local runs, luckily we were around Pucon early enough in the season to get in a load of good runs with some fun water levels, Palguin, Puesco, Trancura, Llanchaue, Fuy, Maichin, […]

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