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17 – Down To The Bravo

Leaving the Baker valley, we drove further south to see what we could find. Stopping at the Rio Barrancos to have a look after it was recommended by Marianne, it looked very brown and high, and in a very committing gorge, so we gave that one a miss.


Further down was the Rio Bravo, a multi-day classic, with the first day or so being grade III, with a final full day of IV/V gorges.

We were told that the harder gorges started near where the river leaves the road, so we figured out where to go, and had a go.

Crossing a lake, and hiking down to the main river, we put on at the top of the first harder gorge on a grey river, glacial melt after a few days of super hot sunshine.

Sebastian made a nice little video of our trip down south, which can be found here: https://vimeo.com/124867271 which shows a variety of the stuff we did.

What followed was a superb river, long rapids with plenty of moves to make and holes to dodge. A few harder bits, and one where we were glad to have read the guide, as inspecting wasn’t possible, but all in all a fun filled day.

We had set up camp at the takeout before, so had a good feed before Rory set off on a run back to the car. The roads here weren’t very busy, with a ferry one end only coming three times a day, and a dead end at the other.


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