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19 – More Baker & The Marble Cathedral

Another lap down the Bravo was a treat, knowing all the lines it was a fun fast blast, and a bit higher than the first time we paddled it a few weeks prior.


Some more driving around and we ended up with another puncture. The roads in Southern Chile are really not very good, and driving an overloaded car for thousands of kilometers had taken its toll a little, with this being our 10th puncture since we got the car. By now the jack had also seen better times and decided to pack in, luckily we had a huge Norwegian to lift the car up instead.

Heading back north, we decided to put on a tributary to the Baker to have a look.

We but on the Rio El Maiten, which was a tributary to the Rio Nef, which in turn flows into the Baker at Salto Baker.

The Maiten was a classic little ditch, pinballing around rocks and siphons and sumps with very little water before trickling into the big and brown Nef.

Another few runs down the Baker were as good as ever, getting slightly less scary the more we did it.

Driving up the Carratera Austral we stopped at the marble cathedral rock caves in Lago General Carrera. Paddling into and under these spectacular rock formations on a beautiful day was an amazing experience, not what we were expecting.



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