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20 – Exploradores & Cisnes

Turning off the ‘main’ road onto an even worse one, we headed up towards the glacier Exploradores to see what the river coming off it was like, as the road had been previously blocked by landslides when previous groups had attempted the trip.


The river Exploradores flows directly from the ice-lake of the glaicer, down some reasonable class IV, meeting a lake outlet that adds some more volume.

From here it has one bigger rapid that Seb sent down the middle, some long rocky hole dodging, and then calms down before flowing to the sea with 20km of flat water in a beautiful valley.

We stayed the night, cooked some empenadas and hunkered down as the Patagonian weather decided to unleash full force on us for a night. Good thing we had some fancy tents.

Some more driving around and we looked at a load more rivers that were sadly all way too low, and then bolt holding the rear trailing arm on our car decided to fall off.

Bodging it back on again, we carried on and drove up to the Rio Cisnes.

Again, the river was low, but looked at least paddleable. Putting on the upper upper section we got some nice III/IV bouldery rapids in more glorious sunshine, and carried on down to the upper section and then a few laps on the lower before fish and chips by the sea.

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