River Notes / Guidebooks

Having been lots of places myself, the most useful thing is always someone else notes, just to get an idea so I can make my own plans.

Here I have put some notes on a few places, nothing super detailed, but enough to get the ball rolling if you have a map and a bit of a sense of adventure. Click the title for a .pdf download.


Norway – Out Of The Guidebook (11MB):

This little guide aims to add to the book by Jens Klatt and Olaf Obsommer, as well as introduce some rivers further north, which are well worth the trip up.

Norway has so much to offer, and there are other little leaflets for areas such as the Voss mini-guide, but the more information out there, the easier it is to go and find awesome kayaking.

It’s hardly a comprehensive guide, there’s hundreds of rivers to still go and find, so hopefully this encourages you to have a bit more of an adventure!


The Chhattisgarh Whitewater Guidebook (17MB):

After spending some time exploring around the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, Callum Strong, Rory Woods, Phil Mitchell and I have put together a guide to a few rivers in the area that we managed to paddle.

Chhattisgarh is a very interesting place in India, very unexplored and has potential for some great adventures. We found some good (and some not so good) rivers, but in such a large place we barely scratched the surface of what could be possible there.

In the surrounding areas of Jharkhand, Odisha, and Madyha Pradesh there are countless more world-class rivers to go and explore if you have the will to deal with first-descents in remotest India!


India – Uttarakhand and Himichal Pradesh (2MB):

This is a quick set of river notes I put together from my time in Northern India in the states of Uttarakhand and Himichal Pradesh (And the Tsarap Chu/Zanskar in Ladakh).

It’s a well known and well paddled area, but without easy to find river notes. Luckily nearly every valley has a road and a good river in it, it’s just knowing which ones to do when!